Voter ID Card List Search Online

Voter ID Card List Search Online

Election Commission of India Electoral Roll Voter ID List Search By Name – Voter List 2019 Voter ID Card Search by Name and Number

In India, all the elections will conduct under the guidelines and supervision of the Election Commission of India (ECI). If you are a citizen of Indian and you above 18 years, then you are eligible to cast your vote in the place you reside. It is not only an applicant’s right but also the responsibility to make use of your voting rights.

The Election commission of India maintains a list constituency-wise voter list where all individuals who are eligible to vote are listed into one portal and will submit to the respected sates and areas. That list will be a move to every constitutional area.

The Voter List:

The Voter list consists of all the eligible voter’s names residing in that particular area or ward. This list maintains an updated Election Commission of India from its original offices.

If your name found on the voter list means you are eligible to vote. Otherwise, you are not permitted to vote. If you fail to carry the Voter ID card, in that situation, the voter can take an Identity Card approved by the government and can cast your right to vote legally.

Check your name in Voter list – Search voter id card by name:

The Election Commission of India updates the voter list frequently, the names of such voters will remove from the list. Below is some reason to transfer their names:

  • Death of the voter.
  • Fake voter details.
  • Inaccurate particulars.
  • Change of address.

If your name removed from the voter list because of the reasons mentioned above, you are not allowed to cast a vote.

  • Visit the web page On the top of the home page, you will find links for the voter lists in a PDF format.
  • Select your state, Mandal, village, and street details, and then you will arise with the updated list.
  • Here a new tab will open in which you can search for your name in the voter list by either entering Voter ID number or full name.
  • If you are allowed on the voter list, your name will appear.
  • If your name does not appear, check the given information and recheck once again.
  • Your name still does not appear, then register for a new Voter ID card.

Search voter id card online – Electoral Search:

  • Enter all your details on the website Name, date of birth, age, the constituency of residence with the registered as a voter.
  • Give the Captcha code and click on search, or click on the submit button.
  • If at all your details are not occurring, there may be chances that are missing your name from the voter list.

Search name in EPIC number:

The central theme behind the Searching process or either check status is, in India, the voter cards don’t always have correct spellings to the candidates. Maximum mistakes are of misplacing the names or letters. Hence there are chances to reject a person from casting a vote during the election polling.

  • Give the EPIC number in the box. Then select the state of applicant residence.
  • Next note the Captcha code.
  • If your name in the Voter List, you will get the details soon after submitting the details.
  • Otherwise, if a cause you have not been seen, apply for the new Voter ID Registration.

The applicant allowed to search details either through Application number, Voter ID number, or by EPIC details.

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