How To Download Voter ID Card Online

The National Election Commission of India will issue the Voter ID as an official document to adults of the Indians. The Election commission of India introduced the many schemes and portals to hold the entire process from the voter registration till the Voter ID Online Download or Download the voter ID card.

The voting ID is the identification object during the casting vote of the Election time in India. It also uses as the Government services proof to every holder.

This Voter card also used as an identification mark as the Indian Citizen to purchase an International ticket in a case like Passport is on a waiting list. The applicant can give assurance with the Voter ID card too.

The purpose of downloading the Voter ID:

  • The holder must download the Voter ID and get copies of it since the holder cannot give everywhere your original Voter ID.
  • If in a case of your Voter ID lost, then the option called Download will help you to get back your Voter ID within a fraction of minutes.
  • Authenticating the details of the second person, it allows you to download it too.
  • If you found your name in your constituency, if you don’t still have the Voter ID Proof or waiting for the latest updates, hurry up to download the Voter ID from the official web site of

Download the Voter ID card:

The Voter ID card also called an Election card, and this is a government identity card. The Election Commission of India authorized to issue the Voter ID card to all the eligible Indian Citizens.

If you’re a Citizen of India and you have crossed 18 years before the Election time, then you are eligible to get the Voter ID card. If you already a registered voter, then you will be able to download your Voter ID card.

  • Visit the Official web site.
  • Click on the search button by Electric Roll and give your registered name.
  • Go to the details, fill all the given information to log in to your Voter profile.
  • If all your given details are accurate then, it will help you to download the Voter ID card.

Download the Duplicate Voter ID card:             

The Voter ID card can also use as a valid document for the lifetime Identity Proof along with the age proof. The changes of address are allowed. To get it done, they must visit the local ward office of their new residential location.

In some cases, there are chances of printing mistakes on the Voter ID like name, date of birth, and address. The applicants can get it rectified through online or offline by visiting the respective ward offices.

The applicants must provide details while applying for a duplicate voter ID, and this includes legal name, residential address along with pin code, date of birth if any information among these went wrong then they are allowed to apply for the duplicate Voter ID card.

Downloading procedure:

  • Collect and fill the form EPIC- for the duplicate voter, ID. Give correct information details with no mistakes.
  • Attach the photocopies along with the requested documents supporting identity, address, and age proof.
  • The applicant will receive a reference number on the successful submission of the application, and you can also track their application status.
  • The chief electoral officer will verify all the details, then your duplicate voter ID will be issued.
  • The applicant must collect their duplicate Voter ID, and the notice will update by SMS or email.