How To Check Voter ID Card Status Online

How To Check Voter ID Card Status Online

Check Voter Registration Status Online

In the periodic Process of Elections for every five years to know the popular opinion to rule the people. The Government was brought up by the people, from the people, and for the people. Every India has the right to cast their vote legally and select the person whom they want to rule over them.

The concept will hold in all states of India in every circle of 5 years, to cast a vote the Government has set up with some terms and conditions. The people should be eligible to cast their votes. The one who is first applying for the Voter ID card may visit the official website to apply either choose the offline option to enroll in the Voter ID card.

Now, here we come to the central theme to our discussion, the application holder can check their Voter ID card details through the feature of check Status. Here also you are benefited from two options as same Online and Offline.

Initially, the whole concept is being done in the offline mode only, later on with the increasing of Digital development, slowly every Process loading into the online format. To make every move easy and transparent to the holders of voter ID cards.

You will get full information concerning how to proceed with the Process of checking Online and offline voter ID card status check.

Check Voter ID Card Status Online:

The below steps wise procedure to follow, to verify or Track the status of Voter ID card:

  • Log on to the government official website called National Voters Service Portal.
  • Enter the holder Reference ID number.
  • Submit and click on enter to Track or check the status of your voter ID card.
  • Select the Tab “Know the Status” a window opens, asking for a piece of the necessary information about your registered.
  • Search your roll in Electoral Roll, and once the link opens, you can track the application in two ways.
  • By using your EPIC number, state number are the unique application number.
  • You need to choose State, District, Mandal, and Constituency along with the other details. The search result will display on the window.
  • The applicants are requested to give the correct details while searching for the status.

Note: While checking for the online Voter ID card, make sure the below information is correct with correct spellings.

  • Holder name
  • Holder Date of Birth
  • Fathers or Husbands name
  • Name of the state
  • Gender
  • District Constituency.
  • After filling all necessary details, click on the submit button to get the results.
  • If any error occurs, then re-enter the details and browse again you will get the current Track of your voter ID card details.

Offline Process to check status:

The offline provided with two options Through SMS and by calling to Toll-Free number to know the current situation.

Through Toll-Free Number:

The Team of ECI provided the one unique number, which anyone can call to the name means it is a Toll- Free number. The holder can either clear their doubts regarding the voter ID card and its track record in with the holder’s comfortable communication language.

Toll-Free number: 1950.

Check the Voter ID Card Status through SMS:

The holder who wanted to know the current status of their Voter card, now they have the offline option called Messaging and get the result through the SMSM format only.

The holder needs to type EPIC number and send it to the respective state customer care number or helpline. To each state, we have a different helpline number to send a message.

The below is the table shown how to send the SMS in vary with the state:

State SMS Format Contact Number
Andhra Pradesh VOTE:Voter ID number 9246280027
Bihar EEL:Voter ID number 56677
Chandigarh BTH:Voter ID number 9216164606
Karnataka KAEPIC:Voter ID number 9243355223
Kerala EEL:voter ID number 54242/537252
Odisha CEOODI:Voter ID number 9238300131
Tamil Nadu EPIC:Voter number 9211728082
Uttar Pradesh UPEPIC:Voter ID number 9212357123
West Bengal WBEC:Voter ID number 51969

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