How To Check Voter ID Card Information

How to apply voter id card online:

In India Voter ID Card plays a vital role, where the issuing authorities are the Election Commission of India. Main need to have this card in hand is, it is used as a proof of Identity while the citizen is moving ahead to cast his/her votes. It is also used a general ID Proof, sometimes as Address Proof and as an age proof to cast vote.

While applying for a Passport, the Voter ID cards plays a vital role as a proof of age and to show that the individual is a citizen of India.


Documents required for Applying Voter ID are:,

  • Color Passport-size photo (soft copy),
  • Photo ID proof,
  • Address Proof and
  • Age Proof

Procedure on how to Apply for voter ID Card:

Below are few steps involved in order to apply for voter ID.

Step 1 – Log into the official web-link (

The website mentioned above is the place where a citizen of India can apply for voter ID card online. And the website is official website of Election Commission of India.

Step 2 – Details have to be entered at this step, which is observed on the homepage. The details such as User Name/Mobile No., Office contact List, Password, If New User Registration & forgotten password.


If you already have existing registration before, just given in your existing User Name / Mobile Number & Password and submit.

Step 3 – Click on NEW USER REGISTRATION if this is your first time for applying Voter ID Card.

Step 4 – A fresh page is shown up, asking for Mobile number and E-Mail Address


‘Active (In use) Mobile number & E-mail address’ should be given entered.

Click on the option ‘Register’ .

Step 5 – A verification code is then sent to the active mobile number provided by the applicant. The code needs to be entered on the webpage that is displayed.

Step 6 – Click option ‘Proceed’.

A new webpage with ‘FORM 6 APPLICTION’ is displayed, where all the details such as Name, DOB (Date of Birth), Place of Birth, district, Language, Sex and City have to filled in.

Step 7 – Uploading required documents (Mentioned under Pre- requites)

Step 8 – Re-Check all the details provide

Click on Submit

Step 9 – After submitting the form, an application ID number is generated. This number helps in Tracking the Voter application Submitted.

Make sure to have a Voter ID Card..!!!

It gives you an Identity that You are an INDIAN…!!!