How To Process For Voter ID Card Correction Online

How To Process For Voter ID Card Correction Online

Voter id correction online process

The Indian Election Commission had announced to correct the Voter ID cards. Means already voter cardholders can change their details and get a new Voter ID card with all the information correct.

If the holder card seems some mistakes regarding spelling, miss place of photo, signature, and address. All these are very important to note while casting a vote everything takes into consideration.

Due to India’s lack of digital operations in 5 years back, the issue of spelling mistakes, incorrect details all these complaints notes in a more number. The reason for the wrong information in India is one of the populated countries in the world.

When the conversion from paperwork to the system, sometimes it might have chances to went wrong that process because humans make mistakes. In very recent times, India introduced everything into digital.

Man makes mistakes to avoid that, and the man created machines to work on his behalf. When the digital operations raised, the work made accurately and accessible to all the people. Also, anyone can access easily through their mobiles.

Documents required to make corrections in voter ID card:

The below are the documents needed and the process to follow in verify the correction of Voter ID card:

  • If the issue is regarding the spelling of the name, the verifying candidate should upload a document containing his/her name spelled correctly. The matriculation certificate or the PAN card are the best examples.
  • In case the problem regarding address then provides a valid address proof like Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving license, passport, ration card, bank passbook, electricity bill, telephone, or gas bill all these can use as the proof for the correction of address to the Voter ID card.
  • Once the process complete, the reference number will send to the candidate to track their updated application voter ID form.
  • It takes time of 2-3 weeks to verify the correction updated application form to get through the post.
  • If the verification is complete, the candidate can collect the new Voter ID card in the electoral office near to their location.

Voter id card correction online – change voting address & name in Voter ID Card – voter id name change:

  • Go to the government official web site of National Voters Service Portal.
  • Tap on the correction of entries in the electoral roll
  • Tap on form 8 to make corrections of the candidate.
  • Enter the following details:
  • Constituency name
  • Number of electoral rolls
  • Serial number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Family details like the father’s name or Husband’s name.
  • The complete permanent address.
  • Now, tap the details that need to correct and edit your incorrect to fix.
  • Give the City name, date of request, and the contact information.
  • Once again, verify the information and submit the form.

Facts for Voter ID card:

  • The Voter card serves as an accepted form of your personal identity.
  • The Voter ID Card acts as an acknowledgment that card holder is a registered voter.
  • This card includes many identification features such as the applicant’s signature, fingerprints, photograph, etc., that provide added assurance for the card holder.
  • If an election card carries provisions to prevent the user from voting multiple or several times.
  • The Voter ID card can design to suit electoral requirements of the population with low literacy population.
  • It is an especially helpful form of identification for the voters with no fixed address.

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