How to Apply Voter ID Card Online

How to Apply Voter ID Card Online

How To Apply New Voter Card Online – voter id apply with nvsp portal. voter id online registration with voter id application form

The Electors Photo Identity Card also called Voter ID, and it is a photo identity card published by the Central government. Every citizen of India who is appearing for the elections to cast their vote must have the voter Card to get a permit to cast their vote legally.

The central theme of voter ID cards to prevent the frauds during the election process and the Election process should be transparent in the democratic voting process.

The body of Voter ID:

The government had issued many government ID cards among those Voter ID is one of them, as each Card differentiates with different uniqueness. Below is the information that Voter ID contains.

  • The Unique serial number
  • Photo of the card applicant
  • The national symbol or image
  • The unique number to the Voter ID
  • The father name of the card accountant
  • Gender
  • Name of the cardholder
  • Date of Birth of holder.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Voter ID Card :

To apply for the Voter ID, the Eligibility criteria plays the lead role, and it decides the person whether that person is eligible to use or not.

Below are some fundamental eights to possess to cross the Eligibility step:

  • The holder exceeds more than 18 years since, in India, 18 is the age that crosses the minority stage to adult.
  • Must be an Indian to cast their vote in India.
  • The holder must have a permanent house address.
  • The applicant should not involve in any criminal cases, or the holder should not be in criminal issues.
  • The applicant is only allowed to apply their voter application though the government official portal.
  • The ID cardholder must be sure with his address and name are correct, including their spellings are according to their certificates.

To apply for the Voter ID card, the government provided with the two types of application procedures:

  • Online application
  • Offline application

Online Application to Apply for Voter ID Card :

The citizen of Indian supplied with two kinds Online and Offline, here you will get the information about the online procedure to apply the voter ID application form.

  • Must choose the government portal to fill the online application.
  • Click on the new register option to start the application procedure.
  • The applicant needs to fill with the required details from the required documents.
  • After filling all details, submit the application form through the government portal.
  • The notification will send to the given mail ID for the verification process.
  • Now, take a print of your registered voter ID application for future purposes.
  • The original voter ID card will send through post to the given house address.

Required Documents to Apply Voter Card:

To fill the online application, the holder must hold with the following documents to their mail ID and to hand:

  • The proof of the holder’s Date of Birth.
  • Any other central government card proof like driving license, Passport, PAN Card, or matriculation mark sheet.
  • The proof of holder permanent address either like Aadhar, phone, or electricity bill.
  • The proof of passport size photo to place it on the voter ID card.

Offline Application for Voter ID:

Since everything working online nowadays, all are moving online. But initially, the process started offline only; later on, along with the development, the process of online being used mostly.

Not an issue in applying offline, you can also choose this option to fill your voter ID card.

Note: Understand the simple logic of choosing Online or Offline, if you select the option of offline you need to fill all your required information and submit to get the Voter ID card

  • Collect the application form 6 to fill for the Voter ID card for the Elections purpose.
  • Fill all the details of the holder name, address, and paste a passport size photo at the top of the rightmost corner of the application.
  • After completion of filling the details, sign at the bottom of the left corner with the date and submit it to the local Pancahythi office.

Required Documents Voter Id Offline Application:

The holder should also give the documents by attaching to the application form for the proof purpose.

  • The Date of Birth proofing containing any government proof or matriculation mark sheet.
  • The address proof either Aadhar card, phone, or electricity bill.

All the proof details should give through a Xerox format along with the application form

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