How To Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card

How To Apply for duplicate voter ID card, Get new voter ID card online with voter id application form

In India, a Voter ID card is the most essential document issued by the Indian Government. This Voter ID card is issued by the CEC (Chief Election Commission) officers also distributed to booth level officers. Once your Voter ID card is issued then you can use that same card throughout a lifetime.

If in case you can lose or misplaced your voter ID card then you can apply for a duplicate voter ID card online. Now you can get the duplicate voter ID card is a quick and easy process.

In which situations you can apply for duplicate Voter ID card

Normally there are some reasons for duplicate voter ID card download. For this duplicate voter ID card applicants need to submit the application form to the electoral officer

  • If in case voter ID card theft
  • The card is misplaced or stolen
  • If the card is unable to use (card is old due to wearing and tearing)

List of the required documents for duplicate Voter ID card:

  • Applicant address proof
  • Identity proof
  • Recent passport size photos
  • Application form EPIC-002 (This is the official form to apply for duplicate election card)
  • An FIR copy (It is mandatory to apply for duplicate Voter ID card)

Is that much easy to get Duplicate Voter ID card

Now applicants need to submit or provide some basic information to apply for a duplicate Voter ID card like the name of the applicant, applicant date of birth, address, union territory etc.

And the main thing is you need to provide the reason for applying for a duplicate voter ID card. If in case you can lose or theft voter ID card then submit the FIR registered copy

Download duplicate voter ID card apply online:

Visit your nearest electoral office and collect the application form EPIC-002 or else download the application form from your state Chief Electoral officer website. Then fill the application form with required details like name, Voter ID card, address etc

After filling the form attach all required documents and submit the form at the electoral office. After successful submission, you will receive the application/reference number. Keep that number safe to track the status of your application

And the form will process and verified by an electoral office. If your process of verification is successful then you will be notified and go to the electoral office also collect your duplicate Voter ID card

You can also use this duplicate voter ID card as identity proof for any documents. And it works the same as the original voter ID card. But you have to submit the specified reason for applying for a duplicate voter ID card

Through Offline:

The following is the offline procedure for applying for the Duplicate Voter ID card:

  • Go to the Electoral office nearest to your residence.
  • Collect the copy form of EPIC-002, and it is the application for the duplicate voter ID card.
  • Fill the form with essential details and attach it to the required documents as knew.
  • The required documents of like Date of Birth proof, address proof, and Photo of passport size.
  • The elector office will inform you once they receive your duplicate voter card, the holder can collect it from the post office.
  • After submission of the application, the holder will give with the one reference number to track their voter ID application status.

Through Online:

The Election Commission of India had recently introduced the online process to make everything easy to the people, can apply on their own without visiting any offices and without in any written format.

Now, Online procedure for the Duplicate Voter ID card:

  • Visit the official web site of the Electoral Office from the government portal.
  • Search for the EPIC -002 application form.
  • Fill the details with the proofs of Date of Birth, permanent address, and with a passport size photo for Identity.
  • After completion of filling all the details, submit the form, the holder will get a reference number.
  • The holder can track their voter ID card status through the reference number form your mobile itself.
  • Once you applied, the EPIC will start the process of verification.
  • Soon after the success of the verification, the holder will get a notification that you can collect your duplicate voter ID card form the electoral office.