How To Check Voter List Online?

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Voter ID card:

All the Indian must have an idea by now how important Voter ID card for an individual / citizen. Citizen of India can apply for voter ID card when they turn on 18 years, which gives a illegal right for the individual to take part in the election process that is under the governance of Indian Government every 5 years.

Now, things are made easy for applying the Voter ID card which is done through Online process.

Verification Process:

  • Government website official – every individual who wishes to apply for a Voter ID card must log on to the official

Web-link :

The weblink provided all the details of registration and for applying Voter ID card. All the list of documents needed are provided in the link.

  • Filling in the Right Form – In the following step, it is the time to go on with the filling of appropriate form. For instance:

First application : Applicants have to fill Form 6

After filling in, appropriate documents have to be attached accordingly, with photo graphs etc.,

All the above have to be scanned and attacked along with the form filled in.

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  • Submission of Official Documents : A hard copy of the additional documents have to be given to the nearest electoral office. Personal presence should be there while submitting documents. Posting or couriering may be a trouble for government officials. Of misplacement of documents can take place.
  • Process of Verification : The process of verification is elaborated. Once the documents are filled in and submitted, all this have to be properly checked. An officer from electoral office is appointed to verify house and the address. This is done for verifying the address if it is proper or not.

Why is it such a lengthy process:

  • During the election process may political parties stands against one another. Here, the target of political parties is to gainmaximum number of votes. In this process there is a tend to come accross many mishaps and cheating. One voter ID card can be used for the other individual, but it can be different for a different election booth.
  • These such activities have come into account after many attempts of inspections. The government of India made an alert in this regards that made a straight protocol to vary the Voter ID cards.
  • During the time of election the Voter listing in done by going to house and house for verification.

This Voter List check process is also done by online process.

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