How to Apply for Duplicate Voter ID Card

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Significance of Voter ID Card:

Voter ID card is a Must and Should Document that ever citizen of India should carry, who is equal to above the age of 18 years. This card gives a Strong Proof of ID that the individual is a citizen of India.

Now, as we have understood why the Voter ID card is important RIGHT…???

But it may not be that all the citizens have a Voter ID card, in such situations ‘Duplicate Voter ID card’ will help you.

What is Duplicate Voter ID card and why is it needed:

We have see previously why Voter ID card is necessary. As we look in, now a day’s Voter ID card is not that of an essential document to cast vote, as the job is done by any Government valid Photo ID Proof.

In many of the cases citizens many not have an option to utilise the Photo ID Proof as they may not be aware.

The easiest and the best option is to apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card.

To make it very much straight, it is fair and an easy method to repossess the important document. If the applicant approaches the nearest Regional Election Commission India office and apply for Voter ID card duplicate by submitting all the necessary documents.

In no time Duplicate Voter ID card is released.

Pre- Requites (Documents):

In order to apply for Duplicate Voter ID card, individual needs to carry these documents,

  • Copy of FIR (First Information Report) / Missing Report
  • In case of Damage / Mutilated and damaged, then the individual needs to return it along with the filled in Application Form 002
  • Application Form 002 is available at ECI regional office or can be down loaded and printed out. Web-link of ECI (
  • Any Proof of Identity such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence and Passport)
  • If you have got EPIC NO., Part No., and Serial No. (By chance)
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Steps involved for Appling Duplicate Voter ID Card:

Step 1 –

  • If Voter ID Lost

Immediately file a complaint FIR in the nearest police station, and keep a copy of the FIR for further proceedings.

  • In case of Damage

Then FIR is not needed. But, the individual needs to return the damages Voter ID card with the Application Form 002 filled up.

Step 2 –

The Application Form 002 has to be filled up in either of the cases (Lost / damaged). And the form can be filled up Online or through Offline process.

If Online, the download and fill the form, Submit it to ECI

If Offline, Take the form from ECI fill up and submit at the counter of ECI.

Step 3 –

Fill in proper details without messing it up. As Form is submitted, in the next step the details are verified.

Step 4 –

In case of Online process print out form is filled where the following documents have to be attached:

  1. FIR Copy
  2. ID Proof at the nearest ECI Office regionally.

Step 5 –

As of now Rs. 25/- is charged over the counter where the representative provides a receipt for the same when application is submitted.

The status of Duplicate Voter Card Applied can be checked online.

Tiem taken to issue Duplicate Voter ID card:

In many of the case Duplicate Voter ID card is issued on the same day application submitted. But, in rare case if the work load at the ECI Office is high it may get delayed.

If applied way near to election time or during voter list inclusion time it take s about a weeks’ time (i.e., 1 Week).

But always Make sure you have a Voter ID card, and apply for Duplicate Voter ID card if you have lost the original one..!!!!
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