How To Check Voter ID Card Status Online?

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Are you a citizen of India…??

So, Have you got an Voter ID card to prove…???

Significance of Voter ID card has become a necessary proof of ID in India. Any individual equal to or over age of 18 years is eligible to have the card that is authorised by Election Commission of India.

In the modern era, as things have become technically improvised in such a stage getting a Voter ID card is no more difficult.

Previously individuals had to stand in queue to get the form fill in and to submit it at the end in ECI (Election Commission of India). Even after the submission it used to take a minimum of 8-9 months to get the card into hands.

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Now, online process has reduced the stress, as a print out of the form can be taken —> Filled in and then can be submitted at the ECI Office. Then to receive the card into hand is made in no time.

After Application of Voter ID card, a application number is received that helps to know the status of Voter ID Card Status Online only in few seconds.

Voter ID card Status Online check:

Here are few steps that have to be followed in order to get the status of Voter ID card after application is filled in,

Step 1 –

Log into the official website of State Election Commission ( office, where you must have already registered which filling in application.

Enter all the necessary details to long on to the page.

Step 2 –

After logging 3 options are observed namely,

  • Application ID
  • Applicants Name / House Number

how to check voter id card status

See below for the outlook of the page

Here select any of the option that you wish to.

Step 3 –

You will come across another option such as Form 6, Form 8 / Form 8A.

Click of any of the option available

Step 4 –

Click on Search Button

Finally, the Status Of The Voter ID Card is seen on the screen.

So, It should be easy for you to get the status of Voter ID card in few seconds

Be the first on to get the information..!!

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